Web Development Basic

A website can be defined as a collections web pages can be accessed using a web browser in different devices like mobile or a desktop.
In this course you will learn some basics of web development like HTML, CSS, and Java Script which are the primary languages which a web browser can understand

Along with theory we provide hand's on experience in developing various websites using POC's in this course.

After completion of this course you will be able to develop some complex Responsive static websites


  1. Benefits of becoming a Web developer
  2. Web Development trends
  3. Understanding Web Browser(s)
  4. Introduction to GIT
  1. HTML introduction, history & importance.
  2. Creating a HTML web page.
  3. HTML syntax with basics.
  4. HTML select, checkbox, radio, input
  5. HTML tables & lists.
  6. HTML forms and input
  7. DOM in brief.
  8. Elements, Attributes, classes, id’s in HTML
  9. Tags introduced in HTML5
  1. Introduction to CSS
  2. Different ways of adding CSS to a HTML page
  3. Classes and Id’s for CSS styling.
  4. Element CSS styling.
  5. Typography.
  6. Working with Images and Icons.
  7. Spacing and Layout.
  8. Adding media to a webpage – Image, Audio, Video.
  9. Working with Pseudo Classes.
  10. Difference between px, percentage, vh, rem, em and which one is preferred for what purpose.
  11. Responsive Web Design introduction & using media queries.
  12. CSS grid system & bootstrap in detail.
  13. CSS preprocessors - SASS, SCSS, LESS introduction.
  1. JS introduction.
  2. Variables and Data Types.
  3. Operators in JS.
  4. If/else, switch statements & ternary operator.
  5. JS Type Conversion.
  6. Arrays
  7. JS Objects.
  8. Loops and iteration.
  9. Working with Arrays.
  10. Functions.
  11. Block scope with let and const keywords.
  12. Using your browser as JS console.
  13. Debugging JS.
  14. Modifying DOM with JS.
  15. Events (Mouse, keyboard, input..).
  16. ‘this’ keyword
  17. Object Method, Constructor and Prototype.
  18. Local and session storage.
  19. JS Math Operator
  20. Array methods (map, filter, reduce, every, some, indexOf ... )
  21. Introduction to Asynchronous Programming.