UI-UX Design

We have entered into the experience,where designers are playing the most important role in solving problem, building successful product, simplifying services for the users, making people lifestyle smarter. In recent years designers have become an important part of an organisation influencing the top management. We at Designers Studio are committed to educate people and train them in all aspects of Design. Please find the course details for Full Stack UX Design (FSUX)


  1. Introduction to UI/UX Design
  2. Learning UI tools and Basic of Digital
  3. Design Language Systems and Components
  4. Conducting User Research
  5. Affinity Analysis
  6. User Personas and Scenario
  7. Mental Model and Task Flows
  8. Information Architecture (Part 1: Navigation Patterns)
  9. Information Architecture (Part 2: Content Strategy)
  10. Grids and Layouts
  11. Wireframing and Wireflows
  12. Heuristic Evaluation
  13. Wireframe Refinement
  14. Colour Theory
  15. Typography Understanding
  16. Wireframes to Visual Design
  17. Visual Design
  18. Visual Laws
  19. Prototyping and usability testing
  20. Design Specification and Developer Hand-offs
  21. Portfolio Part 1
  22. Portfolio Part 2
  23. Adobe Photoshop
  24. Adobe illustrator
  25. Adobe XD
  26. InVision Studio
  27. Axure
  28. Balsamiq
  29. Sketch
  30. Interview Tips, Mock-Interviews and Jury Review